Tech Update

Adapting your DJI Phantom 4 for the latest firmware update with WaterStrider

We have tested the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Phantom 4 (std) and DJI Phantom 3 with the latest firmware updates as follows.

  • Phantom 3 aircraft firmware V01.11.20 dated 2017-07-06
  • Phantom 4 (std) aircraft firmware V02.00.0106 dated 2017-07-06, V1.9.3.0 dated 2017-09-12, and V02.00.0700 dated 2018-01-24
  • Phantom 4 Pro aircraft firmware V01.04.0602 dated 2017-06-08


The Phantom 3 performance with the WaterStrider is as beautiful as ever, but we have some suggested settings adjustments that will help adapt the flight characteristics of your Phantom 4 or Phantom 4 Pro for flying with your WaterStrider.

With the latest firmware update there are new sensitivities to the drone's flight stability when flying in P-Mode, particularly in steady hover, and these sensitivities are more prominent and severe when you have an accessory such as WaterStrider installed UNLESS YOU ADJUST YOUR SETTINGS.  Some of you may have encountered problems with wobble in hover following this most recent update.   This problem only exists in P-Mode flight and for those of you who fly primarily in ATTI mode, such as professional videographers, you will not see any change to flight dynamics with the new firmware update.

For flight in P-Mode, here we will show you the settings you can apply to get the most out of your Phantom 4 with WaterStrider which remedy about 90% of the stability effects of the new firmware and render the drone safe to fly.

We continue to work directly with DJI to establish further improvements with the latest firmware updates, and new tips will be forthcoming.  If you would like to stay up to date on the latest TECH UPDATES from DroneRafts, feel free to sign up for the TECH UPDATE mailing list below.


Drone Settings-->Advanced Settings-->Gain Settings

Drone Settings-->Advanced Settings-->Gain Settings

Gains Settings

The GAINS settings optimize how the drone adapts to changes to prop loading such as when using alternative propellers or attaching accessories.

Use the following settings:
PITCH:         120
ROLL:           120
YAW:            120

Drone Settings-->Advanced Settings-->Sensitivity

Drone Settings-->Advanced Settings-->Sensitivity

Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity Settings affect how gentle or aggressive the drone responds to changes in your control input.

Use the following settings:
Attitude:  50
Brake:     70
Yaw Movement Limit:  150

Drone Settings-->Advanced Settings-->Sensors-->IMU-->Calibrate IMU

Drone Settings-->Advanced Settings-->Sensors-->IMU-->Calibrate IMU

IMU Calibration

For many issues with stability on the Phantom an IMU Calibration can make further improvements and it is easy to do.

Find a very level surface and follow the instructions on the app.

NOTE:  The procedure is different for P4 vs P4Pro.

For more general tips for flying the Phantom 4 with WaterStrider check out our P4 Flying Tips page.