Unique Shots

WaterStrider allows you to get unique shots never before possible. Float on the water for an amazing shot before transitioning to a bird's eye view within seconds.

WaterStrider adds versatility to your drone with the security of knowing that your drone can easily land on rough terrain, snow, water and more. Fun or professionally, WaterStrider expands your capabilities.

Unobstructed Views

The front pods stay out of your camera's field of view, ensuring you can capture amazing views without obstruction.

WaterStrider has been designed with all components out of view of the Visioning Positioning System and Obstacle Avoidance Cameras which feature on the Phantom 4.

Confident Landings

The wide and long base means you can have confidence landing in water, snow, rocks, sand, tall grass, angled surfaces, and a variety of other difficult terrain.

No more dangerous one arm catches - land (or float) at a distance with confidence. Don't worry about getting your camera wet, the high base keeps it dry - even when landing on water.

Getting started with your drone? WaterStrider is ideal, providing extra stability and a 'safety net' when practicing your landings - secure in the knowledge your drone is safe.

Lightweight & Durable

Now 12% lighter than the original, WaterStrider 2.0 is a nimble 0.26 kg.

Careful selection of premium materials including carbon fiber and high impact polymers, combined with advanced engineering analysis, provides a remarkably lightweight yet durable product.

The production materials were carefully chosen and extensively tested so they do not interfere with radio signals, or degrade in the elements. 

Perfectly Balanced

Designed by aerospace engineers, WaterStrider benefits from a proper center of gravity.

We also ensured a center of buoyancy for landing and take-off on water. WaterStrider is lightweight to ensure it remains perfectly balanced when in the air, maintaining your drones nimble and high performance.

Camera Stays Dry

WaterStrider ensures your camera stays dry. It's unique design allows it to land on water and glide over waves without bobbing.

Suitable for still, calm and moderate waters, WaterStrider allows you to capture the shots and footage you want, while ensuring that your camera remains dry.

Easy to Install

Now featuring QuickDeploy detachable landing gear, WaterStrider 2.0 assembles in less than 1 minute.

WaterStrider is simple and easy to install, with no need to modify your drone. Simply mount your drone onto the Waterstrider and secure with the included straps.

Removing it is just as easy, simply by removing the secure straps. WaterStrider can be attached and detached within seconds, allowing you to use it when and where you really need it - however many customers prefer to keep it connected for added safety when landing - even on flat terrain.


Just like the thousands of existing customers, we are so confident you'll love WaterStrider that if you're not happy with it, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Because your satisfaction is our top priority we make returns simple and process refunds quickly.