Confident Shots

TerraStrider allows you to land on rough or difficult terrain with confidence, even at a distance.  The state of the art gimbal protection system gives you peace of mind while the wide legs help prevent a tip-over.  Both work in harmony in the event of a crash to absorb energy, saving you time, money, and frustration.  Whether you fly for fun or professionally, TerraStrider is a must-have product.  

Designed for Expansion

Our customers are constantly developing new and innovative applications for their drones.  Whether it's academic research or just plain backyard fun, who are we to stand in the way?  That's why we built in multiple connection points.  Our only question, is what are you going to do with TerraStrider?

(Please note that increasing the weight too much can lead to unstable flight.  As such, we kindly request you perform test flights in a safe and controlled environment.) 


Unobstructed Views

The front legs stay out of your camera's field of view, ensuring you can capture amazing views without obstruction.

TerraStrider has been designed with all components out of view of the Visioning Positioning System and Obstacle Avoidance Cameras on all DJI Phantoms up through and including the Phantom 4 Pro (all variants). 

Lightweight & Durable

TerraStrider is very lightweight (140 grams) yet FAR more durable than the competition, offering you a true professional solution.  Most landing gear systems don't even contain a cross brace to protect your gimbal, but we utilize a premium ½ inch carbon fiber tube.  This careful attention to detail through advanced engineering analysis could save you hundreds of dollars or more in the event of a crash.

And just like WaterStrider, the production materials were carefully chosen and extensively tested so they do not interfere with radio signals, or degrade in the elements. 



Perfectly Balanced

Designed by aerospace engineers, TerraStrider benefits from a proper center of gravity.

Take-offs and Landings are quick, simple, and stable.  And you'll love how your drone stays nimble and performs as expected when flying. 

Compatible with WaterStrider

The WaterStrider and TerraStrider bases are identical, allowing you to further enhance your drone's capability.  And our ecosystem allows you to expand in a cost effective manner.  

Suitable for still, calm and moderate waters, WaterStrider allows you to capture the shots and footage you want, while ensuring that your camera remains dry.



Easy to Install

Now featuring QuickDeploy detachable landing gear, TerraStrider assembles in less than 1 minute.

TerraStrider is simple and easy to install, with no need to modify your drone. Simply mount your drone onto the TerraStrider and secure with the included straps.

Removing it is just as easy, simply by removing the secure straps. TerraStrider can be attached and detached within seconds, allowing you to use it when and where you really need it - however many customers prefer to keep it connected for added safety when landing - even on flat terrain.

Money Back Guarantee

Just like the thousands of existing WaterStrider customers, we are so confident you'll love TerraStrider that if you're not happy with it, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Because your satisfaction is our top priority we make returns simple and process refunds quickly.