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Perfectly Balanced

Designed by aerospace engineers, WaterStrider benefits from a proper center of gravity.

We also ensured a center of buoyancy for landing and take-off on water. WaterStrider is lightweight to ensure it remains perfectly balanced when in the air, maintaining your drones nimble and high performance.

Technical Specs

Dimensions in millimeters

Dimensions in millimeters

  • Weight
    WaterStrider Original:  less than 0.3 kg
    WaterStrider 2.0:          0.26 kg
  • Wind limitations are 15-20knots (17-23mph) with the Phantom 3 and 20-25knots (23-28mph) with the Phantom 4.


How does WaterStrider perform in wind?

You can fly in pretty aggressive winds while flying with WaterStrider as you can see in our documentary of our windy day testing where we establish recommended limits for wind conditions as high as 20 knots for P3 and 25 knots for P4!

What surfaces can I land on with WaterStrider?

Because WaterStrider is perfectly balanced and has a wide base (unlike the stock landing gear), you can land on pool water, salt water, fresh water, sand, gravel, grass, dirt, and a variety of other surfaces, all while filming a steady shot. Check out this video for some cool examples!