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Dronerafts was founded by a group of engineering friends who share an interest in photography & drones.

What started as a discussion soon evolved to a challenge, as each was frustrated with take off and landing opportunities without causing damage to their drones. They decided to develop a solution, and so was born DroneRafts.

Months of extensive testing, prototype and production trials followed which proved the concept and allowed a full test model to be produced.  WaterStrider was in action.

A successful kickstarter campaign saw numerous backers pledge their support, and led to a variety of TV and online coverage of the team and the product.  2016 saw the unveiling of the full production model and the online store go live as well as the product becoming listed on Amazon.com.

“The support of the DroneRafts community has been fantastic, we’re so excited to help others capture shots they never thought possible, from new angles and new locations thanks to WaterStrider”. Zac Cole, Co-Founder

To find out more about DroneRafts email: media@dronerafts.com