Check out our tips for getting the most out of your drone for your day on the water:

Avoid the wake!

While the WaterStrider can handle small to medium sized waves like a pro, it’s best to stay well away from wakes when you are on the water. Large splashes can irreparably damage your camera, and bobbing images are no fun to watch or control your drone by

Stay ahead of the game

Don’t aim to be directly perpendicular to your skier – not only does this yield an inferior shot, but it makes staying in-line with her an impossible challenge for even the most skilled pilots. Staying a decent distance ahead gives you more padding for unnoticeable course adjustments, and allows you to capture sweeping shots of her skills – always preferable to those from a static relative position

Land during downtimes

Waterskiing is well known for long-periods of ‘down time’, especially for beginners. When waiting for a recovery or the next skier, simply land your drone on the water (giving a wide berth from the boat and the skiiers). This will conserve battery power and give you more time capturing those unique moments before having to retrieve your drone and switch batteries