Adam, Zac and Dave, founders of DroneRafts, met over 15 years ago while studying mechanical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Their passion for aerospace and flight led them to specialize in the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, certification, and maintenance of gas turbine engines and light aircraft.

After successful early careers in large aerospace firms, they caught the entrepreneurial bug and decided to set off on their own, only knowing they wanted to do ‘something’ in aviation. Detecting a flaw in the restrictive landing capability of consumer drones, the idea for DroneRafts, and the WaterStrider landing gear, was born.

The team adopts a data-driven approach to the entire product lifecycle, from design through to marketing and distribution. They are enjoying the journey of start-up development, and are already developing other product ideas to extend the range and application of UAVs.

Outside of “work”, they enjoy traveling and flying, and have 9 children between them who love helping their Dads with product testing!