Is your Phantom looking a little fly-splattered or weather beaten after your adventurous mission? Here are our top tips for servicing your drone back to new!

Simple is best! Whilst there are plenty of dedicated solutions on the market, a common and effective go-to solution for surface cleaning is a standard baby wipe! With gentle cleaners and the right amount of moisture, it is the perfect, cheap solution for most of your cleaning needs. A lightly moistened paper towel with a mild soap will also do the job just as well.

No submersion or sprays. Your drone electronics and camera gimbal, whilst quite forgiving to light rain or spray, can be damaged irreparably if liquid gets inside the mechanisms. As a result, we recommend only cleaning with hand-applied products and not sprays or submersion.

Dedicated lens care. To keep those fleeting images crystal-clear, we recommend using dedicated camera optic wipes to clean the lens and leave it streak free.

Sheltered storage. Finally, to enhance the longevity and health of your equipment, be sure to fully stow and pack away your drone for long periods of inactivity to prevent dusts and other contaminants making it dirty again. And, as with most mechanical and optical devices, temperate storage out of direct sunlight and humidity is always best.