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Lightweight & Durable

Now 12% lighter than the original, WaterStrider 2.0 is a nimble 0.26 kg.  Careful selection of premium materials including carbon fiber and high impact polymers, combined with advanced engineering analysis provides a remarkably lightweight yet durable product.

The production materials were carefully chosen and extensively tested so they do not interfere with radio signals, or degrade in the elements. 

Technical Specs

  • Weight
    WaterStrider Original:  less than 0.3 kg
    WaterStrider 2.0:          0.26 kg
  • Wind limitations are 15-20 knots (17-23 mph) with the Phantom 3 and 20-25 knots (23-28 mph) with the Phantom 4.


Does it impact flight time?

With WaterStrider your ability to land virtually anywhere helps to reduce your required flight time. Weight and aerodynamic impacts have been minimized,while keeping the product fun, easy to fly, and easy to maneuver.  If you hover in place the time is reduced approximately 30% for the DJI Phantom 3 based on back to back indoor testing.  As with any drone, how you fly it, the condition of your equipment, and your environment all impact your actual flight time.