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When will the high-visibility model be back in stock?

Honestly, we're not sure. We lucked upon the right type, thickness, color, and surface finish plastic, and bought everything that was available. Since then we haven't been able to find anything suitable, so we're contemplating a custom run of plastic but haven't committed yet because it is very expensive. We're also actively evaluating alternate methods, but haven't found anything we're satisfied with yet. It is unlikely that we will have any high-visibility models in stock before May.

Is WaterStrider compatible with the Phantom 4 Pro?

The current version of WaterStrider is not compatible with the Phantom 4 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro Plus. Unlike the Phantom 4, there are some dynamic (vibration) issues with the Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro Plus that are not seen on other models. While it is possible to fly with these models, it is not a good experience and as such we do not currently claim compatability or offer support for these models.

We might release a version in the future that is compatible with the P4 Pro. If you'd like to know if and when this occurs, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter.

Which drones are supported?

WaterStrider is currently availble for the DJI Phantom 3 (all models) and the Phantom 4 (but not the Phantom 4 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro Plus). We took special care to make sure WaterStrider wasn't in the way of the camera (during normal conditions), the center of gravity is correct, the vision positioning and obstacle avoidance sensors weren't blocked, ports are still accessible, etc. The result is a product that just works without getting in the way.

What about the Mavic, Q500, Typhoon H, Solo...?

We'd love to build variants to fit other platforms! We think there are many great drones being manufacturd today, and if there is sufficent demand we hope to quickly expand into other product lines. We highly recommend that you signup for our company newsletter to get notice of new products. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you'd like to see!

How do I buy WaterStrider?

You can buy today! Check out our online store!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We are happy to ship you a WaterStrider even if you live outside the US. However, we can not guarantee a timeframe for delivery since sometimes shipments take a while to make it through Customs (depending upon the country). Also, any import duties / taxes are the responsibility of the recipient (which again, varies by country).

What about the DJI Phantom 2?

While WaterStrider can be used with the DJI Phantom 2, the lack of a vision positioning system (for enhanced stability) and the wider angle camera lens makes for a less than ideal user experience. We do not recommend WaterStrider for the DJI Phantom 2 for most users. We recommend it, with reservations, for very experienced pilots only. Please contact us if you'd like more details, or to arrange for a slightly modified cross-member (to get the correct landing gear width spacing) with your purchase.

Will you build a custom set for my drone?

Yes. We have extensive design, manufacturing, and consulting experience in the aerospace sector. But a custom solution probably isn't economical for a hobbyist. Please contact us so we can talk!

How much does it weigh?

WaterStrider, with all the necessary hardware, weighs less than 0.3 kg. To put things in perspective, a Phantom 4 weighs 1.38 kg.

Does it impact flight time?

Yes... while we tried to cheat the laws of physics, we weren't successful. We worked hard to minimize the weight and aerodynamic impacts, while still keeping the product fun, easy to fly, and easy to maneuver. The result is a flight time reduction of approximately 30% for the DJI Phantom 3 based on back to back indoor testing. As with any drone, how you fly it, the condition of your equipment, and your environment all impact your actual flight time. Plus, with WaterStrider your ability to land virtually anywhere helps to reduce your required flight time!

How do I install and uninstall WaterStrider?

It's easy and typically takes less than 1 minute. Check out the video in our Tutorial section!

How does WaterStrider perform in the wind?

Check out this video for a through explanation, including real video footage.

What kind of surfaces can I land on with WaterStrider?

It is safe to land on pool water, salt water, fresh water, sand, gravel, grass, dirt, and a variety of other surfaces. Check out this video for some cool examples! Magma, sulfuric acid, power lines, and moving traffic should be avoided. In all seriousness, be careful. If you're not sure whether it's safe or not, either avoid it or test it by hand first. Drones are expensive, so better safe than sorry!

I crashed my drone. Will you pay for it?

No. Flying drones is fun, but safety (including avoiding crashes) is the responsibility of the Pilot In Command.

We recommend you familiarize yourself with the FAA's Know Before You Fly rules, take a class to teach you how to fly safely, and understand all the features and options on your drone. Use extreme caution when flying with WaterStrider as your drone can handle differently (especially with highly aggressive maneuvers) and flight times will be reduced.

How do I store WaterStrider?

We recommend storing WaterStrider in a cool, dry place. Garages should be avoided if possible, because gasoline fumes can break down polymers over time. If you have flown it around salt-water, we recommend rinsing the unit off with freshwater after you're done.

Can I order spare parts?

Of course! We despise companies that don't support their products. Just drop us a line and let us know what you need!

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We will be offering wholesale pricing in the near future for distributors or individuals interested in making large purchases. Please contact us for more details.