Easy To Install

Now featuring QuickDeploy detachable landing gear, WaterStrider 2.0 assembles in less than a minute.

WaterStrider is simple and easy to install, with no need to modify your drone. Simply mount your drone onto the Waterstrider and secure with the included straps.

Removing it is just as easy, simply by removing the secure straps. WaterStrider can be attached and detached within seconds, allowing you to use it when and where you really need it - however many customers prefer to keep it connected for added safety when landing - even on flat terrain.

Technical Specs

WaterStrider Original

  • Initial assembly time - 10 minutes
  • Drone installation time - less than 60 seconds

WaterStrider 2.0

  • Initial assembly time - less than 60 seconds
  • Drone installation time - less than 60 seconds


Do I have to modify my drone to install the WaterStrider?

No. WaterStrider installs onto the stock landing gear in less than a minute which means you can assess the situation and use WaterStrider on the spot.

Can I attach WaterStrider along with other accessories?

We do not recommend using other accessories with WaterStrider as they may interfere with a secure installation, such as the case with common gimbal guards. Besides, WaterStrider is a robust gimbal guard as well as landing gear!