Confident Landings

Now featuring QuickDeploy detachable landing gear on the WaterStrider 2.0, leave the CameraGuard base attached to your drone as a gimbal guard and attach the legs on the spot when needed.

The wide and long base means you can have confidence landing in water, snow, rocks, sand, tall grass, angled surfaces, and a variety of other difficult terrain.

No more dangerous one arm catches - land (or float) at a distance with confidence. Don't worry about getting your camera wet, the high base keeps it dry - even when landing on water.

Getting started with your drone? WaterStrider is ideal, providing extra stability and a 'safety net' when practicing your landings - secure in the knowledge your drone is safe.

Technical Specs

"Tipping angle" is the angle from horizontal the ground can be without the drone tipping over.

  • Tipping angle stock P3/P4 = 30°
  • Tipping angle with WaterStrider = 60°



Can I land far away?

Landing close to your target subject for filming can give you the opportunity to wait for the perfect shot while not consuming battery power and flight time.  Normally this is risky because you can't be certain whether the drone will topple on the stock landing gear. With WaterStrider you can land at a distance, and when that whale comes to the surface take off for perfect footage!

What surfaces can I land on with WaterStrider?

Because WaterStrider is perfectly balanced and has a wide base (unlike the stock landing gear), you can land on pool water, salt water, fresh water, sand, gravel, grass, dirt, and a variety of other surfaces, all while filming a steady shot. Check out this video for some cool examples!