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Camera Stays Dry

WaterStrider ensures your camera stays dry. It's unique design allows it to land on water and glide over waves without bobbing.

Suitable for still, calm and moderate waters, WaterStrider allows you to capture the shots and footage you want, while ensuring that your camera remains dry.

Technical specs

  • The light weight, ample and centered buoyancy, together with a wide base, result in the drone nimbly gliding over waves without bobbing. The camera stays consistently above the water level.
  • Camera height of drone:
    • Phantom 3 & 4 camera height over ground is 30 mm (1.2 in).
    • With WaterStrider, camera height over ground is 93 mm (3.7 in), camera height over water: 55 mm (2.2 in).



Can I really land my drone on water?

Yes, it's safe to land on pool water, salt water, fresh water, sand, gravel, grass, dirt, and a variety of other surfaces.  The system has so much buoyancy and so little mass that the camera stays well above the surface of the water even as the crest of a wave glides by.

Won't the propellers cause spray to wet my camera?

No. In fact we have landed on water when calm, rough, and windy. The props cause some spray to flay away from the drone but the area under the drone is filled with dry prop-wash air so spray is prevented from entering the camera zone. After hundreds of tests, the props have never left mist on our camera.