High Visibility WaterStrider

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High Visibility WaterStrider


No longer in production and replaced by WaterStrider 2.0

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When will the high-vis model be back in stock?

Honestly, we're not sure. We lucked upon the right type, thickness, color, and surface finish plastic, and bought everything that was available. Since then we haven't been able to find anything suitable, so we're contemplating a custom run of plastic but haven't committed yet because it is very expensive. We're also actively evaluating alternate methods, but haven't found anything we're satisfied with yet. It is unlikely that we will have any high-visibility models in stock before May.

Why would I want two red pods?

Having two white and two red pods can help increase both visibility and an understanding of orientation at a distance under a variety of lighting conditions. This can be especially useful to help people comply with visual line of sight requirements, as well as helping to reduce overall risk.

Special notes for international customers.

Please note all prices are in US Dollars.
International customers are responsible for any import duty taxes.
DroneRafts cannot control how long the final delivery takes because each country can take different amounts of time to process the package through Customs (normally just a few days, but occasionally 3 to 4 weeks).

What is included with WaterStrider?

2 red landing pods 2 white landing pods 2 white mount fittings
2 black front carbon fiber legs
2 black rear carbon fiber legs
1 black carbon fiber cross-brace
4 white hook and loop straps
All necessary fasteners
Assembly instructions
A convenient storage box

What do I need to assemble WaterStrider?

A flat surface for assembly
A flat head screwdriver (#2 works well)
Optional - An internet connection (to watch our assembly video)