Select your choice of ALL-TERRAIN capability

TerraStrider enables landings anywhere except the water!

WaterStrider enables landings anywhere including the water!

WaterStrider & TerraStrider Legs Are


WaterStrider 2.0
(for DJI Phantom)

Starting at $119.00

(for DJI Phantom)

Starting at $49.00

TerraStrider Upgrade
(for existing WaterStriders)

Starting at $29.00

What's new ?

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QuickDeploy detachable landing gear allows you to have WaterStrider 2.0 assembled and installed in under 60 seconds.

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WaterStrider 2.0 features more energy absorption for softer landings than the original WaterStrider.

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WaterStrider 2.0 is 12% lighter than our previous model with a mass of just 0.26kg. Lighter means a longer flight time.